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Regular Maintenance is a must for your vehicle to keep it in top shape. Check out the routine services we provide:





Time for brake maintenance can range from 25,000 miles (or less) on up to 50,000 or more. Factors include your vehicles make/model; daily driving conditions; vehicle use/function and other factors. Give us a call to determine what's best for you.

A good tune-up can make a world of difference in your cars performance and longevity. If you haven't had one in a while, we can take care of it promptly and have your engine running better and smoother for your drives to drop the kids off at school, or that long trip for the summer vacation.




Not sure what's going on? Let our diagnostics do the talking!

We have the technology and technicians to properly diagnose what's needed to get your vehicle where it should be performing.

Don't guess - David's Auto Repair has got you covered.




Don't neglect! Allow us to take care of all your suspension needs. We do alignments and will guide you through any questions you have about wheels, tires and find the right fit for your vehicle and personal taste.


Keep things on the straight and narrow by letting David's Auto Repair use our experience with taking care of your ride.

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